Shri Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel Seva Trust,

About project and utilization of Fund.

To uplift the village and tribal area people of India by Health by health Wealth and Mind, Thought the ideology of Shri mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel from grass root, the project is prepared.

The trust planed gym Cultural and multi Purpose Hall. Technical and training Class, Village Security Centre, Library, Swimming pool, Animal dispensary – primary centre etc. Human Right, the contribution of women in Agriculture, women’s health to develop parliamentary knowledge in women, the technology in rural area, aid, and child care etc. subject are included..html

The trust is getting 5 acre land in various village of Gujarat but unable to move further because of want of fund.

The trust will built the multipurpose hall. So the following awareness programme can be arrange.

  1. HIV/Aids awareness programme.
  2. Child labour awareness programme.
  3. Farmer training awareness programme.
  4. Environment awareness programme.
  5. Health Care awareness programme.
  6. Legal rights awareness programme.
  7. Road Safety awareness programme.
  8. Child education awareness programme.
  9. Family awareness programme.
  10. Agriculture Development programme.
  11. Human Resource Development programme.
  12. Guideline of dearly Development programme.
  13. Natural Disaster programme.
  14. Rural housing society programme.
  15. Art and culture training programme.
  16. Guideline for Tabaco central programme.
  17. Central institute of English and Foreign languages.
  18. Design and Technical Development workshop.
  19. Family Planning Centre.
  20. Early childhood education programme.
  21. Youth leadership and personality’s development programme.
  22. Rahul youth sports club.
  23. Youth activity and training.
  24. Scout and guiding programme.
  25. Shelters and basic health care programme.
  26. Deaf, Blind and other disable person’s shelter programme.
  27. Children care education programme.
  28. To avoid poverty, social justice and hunger.
  29. Employment programme.
  30. Caw Farm. Etc. various programme and seminar will be organize by the Trust .Trust can organize because. Trust has multipurpose hall.

After receiving the fund, the trust has to operate following system.

  1. Administrative Branch.
  2. Account Branch.
  3. Technical Branch.
  4. Legal Branch.
    1. Income Tex Advocate
    2. General Advocate
    3. Trust act Advocate
  5. Drawing Branch.
  6. Computer Branch.
  7. Vehicle Branch. (Retire R.T.O. employees )
  8. Bank Branch.(Retire Bank employees)
  9. Security Branch. (Retire police department employees etc.)

The concern branch head will be advice the president / Secretary and also they will put up the notes for requirement and expenditure .After approval of rotes the President/ Secretary will take decision.

The president /Secretary is not empower to take any decision without advise of the concern branch head so, the administratively, financially and legal anomaly can be anomaly can avoided.

As far as account matter has concern the following audit and watches will be arise.

  1. Audit of C.A.
  2. Audit of Asst. Charity Commissioner.
  3. Audit of joint Charity commissioner.
  4. Audit of Charity Commissioner, Gujarat State
  5. Can be audit from RBI. Accountant General and CBI from Central Government.

After completion of project, the project will be handover to village committee and village committee will administrate the project.

To give physical achievement, the trust need fund or low rate interest loan.