How to Achieve – Aim/Ideology

  1. To Avoid Poverty
  2. To Avoid Violence
  3. To Spread Peace

This 3 issues of the world, which we have to Solve. The peace id distuirb due to poverty and violence. India, as a part of world, also wants to avoid this issue and need peace. The india is a country of well – wisher of world i.e. Humanity and Philosopher. In past they known as “Rushi” and as present, we know them as Scientist.

By deep thinking they know the system of society i.e. making system of God. They found that healthy society. Means poverty less and violence less society. Need power full body and power full mind among of it you cannot neglect any one.

Unfortunately, world choose power full mind and avoid power full body, power full mind means education.

Only by education we cannot remove poverty violence. After education job is require and job opportunity is available in city not in village. So indirectly we are breaking village/society and supporting rush to city. So the rate of unemployment is going high day by day. More than 80% people are living in village and no infrastructure up to village. So village people are needy of science and also job.