Unit – 1 : Office

– Visitors easily approach
– Gets under standing all @ different units and its use
– Simple attractive looks- path way- start from man gate and run to the office-give entrance to ent ver- it gives entrance to visitors area- inthisarea : sitting arrangement- display board on wall at ent D and on it- attached land- scap view plan and other information. Next is office rm- sitting system of sr clerk, account clerk, and junior clerk and peon- sit at ent D. cup-board and rest bed at other side- C B for to keep record files and stationary. Windows -at cross ventilation and exit D- opposite to ent D. toi at the end of ver-. WQash basin opposit to door- next urinal and next w c. – facilities are provided in the toilet.
– Information clerk give understanding to visitors @ time of working hour use and activity of different – different units, producers, and arrangment of program etc. – maintain attendant register for the staff and workers.
– Instruction are given to works to keep all units clean and up dated regularly : pore the water to surrounding plantation and garden : sweep the drive- way and path- way : preparation and arrangement at the time of celebration of all function and festival :
– record clerk- keep record of all items and materials and give instruction to bring any thing from out side and arrangement of it. : keep record for workers working regularly, attend their work – make ready of their salary bill detail submit to account clerk : all staff perfoming their duties regularly.

Unit – 3 : Library

– Villagers use daily to know about happening and new event happening and about government’s works and activities and about important discussion and program from news-paper reading regularly.
– 4 – reading hall : at ent front wall either side two doors provided that three parts made by it- three tables and chairs near it : use news paper reading : two long table and chairs both side use to books and magazines reading silence and beautiful surrounding atmosphere. :
– Regular card arrangement is possible some important books are allow to have it at home for a weak time and renew for next 2nd weak if require.
– Students get benefit to study the books of their class by card facility.
– Students – who needs books and note books should enrolled name to the librarian get free of charge from separate counter by card facility.
– Nice out look combination of slopping roof above loft level get benefit of extra space to use for record room – plain terrace- double ht to reading hall that provision of future development of 1st floor can possible.
– Children readers – enjoy the story books and : Zagmag- weekly children special and stree- saheli – sakhi : fort night news latter for ladies readers. This habits : benefits in the knowledge, religious, equality, to have good conduct, science and technical information and inspire to do innovative act for humanity because the lives is the greatest blessing of God.

Unit – 4 : Saint Residence

– Guroo devo bhava : Acharya devo Bhava : Krupacharya devo bhava – Guroo vina Knowledge Nahi – All three saint regular staying here at 1st floor accommodation of 4 – saint residence and regular program to give pravachan – vykhyan and seminar prepare them cultural – religious- equality and keep healthy – frank and open hearted rilationship among all vilagers- this advantage them to develop good conduct and virtue and innovative act for mankind that develop strong spirits of to help each other in difficult situation and develop stout and fir body with gem : to- days equipment exercise system to give training for village security training :
– All festival is celebrated to gather that spirits of equality among them
– Special give attention for appropriate location- extraordinary- beautiful and attractive out look- intelligent creation of planning of the three units and common staircase location arranged in mid between 4- saint residence and 5-6 guest residence easy for circulation to all three residence from gr.floor to 1st fl, 1st fl to 2nd fl and 2nd to 3rd and terrace floor.
– All three units having a open cols covered parking area at fr floor, back to it sufficient big and beautiful garden sitting benches- steps up to surrounding nice glimpse atmosphere useful plantation such as : mango trees – chikoo – coconut – sitafal, black jambu, badam and other fruit trees and beautiful flowers.
– Useful vegetables plantation also grown up.
– End of the garden use for guest residence- serve them nice and delicious dishes at the time of their visits sufficient big kitchen with washing yard-comfortable open cols covered dining area. Surrounding useful fruits tree – beautiful flowers – plantation and useful vegetables plantation are grown up.

Unit – 5 / 6 : Guest Residence * Atithi Devo Bhava

– To welcome the guest and give them resi accommodation at the time of their visit. Sitting room – sitting arrangmenet is provided to rest bed in the bed room with cup board – some sitting arrangement – dressing table – fan – windows for light and ventilation facilities are gives in it and also with children bed unit bath and w c with wash basin facility is provided in the passage that all can use separately and easily.
– Guests are often visited, they meet to president of trust and arrange seminar and get to gathering with villagers : give guide line and instruction for technical and trending training – science and new technology and others information.

Unit 8 : Workers Residence 1-2-3

– Three workers are working in the field regularly – poore water to all trees and plantation – attend all agricultural activities and also work of cleaning regularly to all units. They are on daily wages salary basis, they are given residence accomodation. It is three raw type House- with all facility and nice look structure, it surrounding also beautiful and useful plantation and garden- they live happy and secured life with their family and get same advantage of fruits and vegetables.

Unit 9 : Multipurpose and Cultural Hall

Unit 10 : Technical and Trading Classes and Village security Training center

– The place where peoples are get to gather and enjoy the any kind of function – pravachan – vyakhyan – seminar of navaratri : ceremony of ras – garba, Durga ashtami yagna – cultural program : chatur manth – pavitra shravan mas : ganesh chaturthy : festival of equality – cultural and religious : Diwali festival : Holy fetival of joy of colors – are also celebrated here : that develop healthy relation-ship and spirit of unity and brother-hood. : Guru devo- Acharya devo and Krupacharya Devo bhavah : Guru vina knowledge nahi : give understanding about all deeply and important roll of human being that develop equality – virtue and hinduisum. : Call and invite expertise technocrat – intelligent and fame and leading professionals that held seminar and give knowledge and give under standing for practical problem.

  • Call and invite stree sixsan and talim saunstha:
  • Nari sauraxan and nari – welfare saunstha and gruh udyog talim saunstha etc.

– Arrange their schedule program and give them understanding and solve their difficulty and guide them-how proper approach for their right and how to get benefit and who eligible for that. All above invited VIP chief guest are regulary visit for 4-5 days in every month. Best facility for their residence at unit 4-5-6 residence, enjoy the beautiful glimpse of surrounding nature. Not only for nice looks but give advantage to use for ourselves for preparing lunch and dinner by the useful trees and plants such as: mango- chikoo- banana- paru(Jamful)- jambu- sitafal, and so many. Vegetable plants such as burger chowli, ladies finger, cabage, dudhi etc. No hesitation for best serve to atithi devo bhava :unexpected visitors without prior intimation because of this blessing that nothing to go to purchase at bazaar far away. We can serve nice delicious dishes. Preparation of all items at unit -7 nice location, east aspect comfortable kitchen and cooking platform and open dining area tables and chairs for 30 persons sitting arrangement. Surrounding beautiful plantation and garden and also useful as above to kit/din area.

Unit 12 : Gem Hall

– To days eduipments – Exercise system and fit to join – Village security training center

– Gem hall is the place where young boys and girls – gets benefit of proper guide -line and training of exercise with to days equipment exercise system that prepared them Fit and stout to protect themselves and give protection to village against attack of anti- social elements as well as they also give their security services to village security center or N C C – HOME GUARD -Gem also helpful to prepare young one eligible fitness by Chest- solder- height weight- running-long jump- high jump – swimming – tracking so that they can join army by the credit of gem fitness certificate and easy to call selected – at the time of emergency at military camp.

Unit 14 : Children Park

– Entertainment is one of the basic roll in the development of young ones-swimming is best exercise- children can also fearless practice of swimming as maintain safe water depth. At children park- nice and interesting game equipment for children- zoola (swing) is interesting game- full of joy-cyclist and scatting are here for children, wally ball, tennis etc. games are for young ones at : children park.